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Difference between Superfood OG and Essentials
Difference between Superfood OG and Essentials

Difference between advanced/original formula and essentials/moderate formula?

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The Superfood Essentials is our moderate formula, whereas our Superfood OG is our advanced formula. Our Superfood OG contains over 55 different super food ingredients! It is very detoxifying and packed full of nutrients. Our Superfood Essentials contains 12 less ingredients, for people just starting out on super foods or kids, though still packed full of nutrients! Both blends are great for supplying your body with the proper nutrients so you can feel well and energized.

The Super Food Essentials removed ingredients from the OG Super Food Formula, it contains 12 fewer ingredients. The following ingredients removed are listed below:
• Organic Mesquite
• Organic Vanilla Bean
• Organic Lucuma
• Organic Maple
• Lactospore (Probiotics)
• Organic Broccoli
• Organic Cabbage
• Organic Flax
• Organic Kale
• Organic Parsley
• Organic Nopal
• Organic Spinach
The Super Food Essentials also added the following ingredients to the formula that the Original Super Food does not contain:
• Organic Pea Protein
• Organic Carob Powder
• Organic Coconut Blossom Nectar
• Organic Stevia

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